I’ve Moved!


The site isn’t yet finished — it’s only the blog right now, more changes to come soon.


I Hate Titling My Blogs

I do, I really do hate titling my blogs. It’s far too much pressure to be creative and quirky…and some days, much like today, I just can’t handle it.

In the mean time, I’m watching the Memphis v. Kansas game and it’s driving me insane.  45 seconds on the clock and Memphis is (now) 4 points behind….and I’m basically gonna need them to get their lead back…and now they’re 5 points behind…thank you foul shots.

My Dad invited me to participate in his yearly pool that he and his buddies have and so I took him up on the offer.  I’m currently in 2nd place and in order to beat Mr. Larry, Memphis is gonna have to win this game.  And Memphis just missed a 3 pointer with about 12 seconds on the clock, this is not looking good for me.  And Kansas just made a shot from the foul line…I’m gonna go ahead and call this one over.  Time of death: 10:49 PM.

Yeah, it’s over.  The Memphis boys, however, don’t look nearly as upset about it as I thought they would.  My boys looked absolutely devastated when we lost our Sweet 16 game….I’m still sad about that loss.  We should have won that game, alas, sometimes the cards don’t always fall in your favor.  I still love my boys.

Just checked my standings in the bracket as they are now updated and my Dad beat me…I’m in 3rd place, how does that even happen?  He’s my Dad, I suppose I’ll let him beat me…just this once though.


So, I’m pretty sure that if there were a “Lamest Blogger Ever” award that I would definitely get it. Hands down. It’s been nearly another month since I’ve blogged, which is pretty lame. Over my Spring Break I picked up a real-live paper journal from Borders with the gift card that my kid sister got me for Christmas and thus, I’ve been writing in that pretty regularly. It’s my miniscule attempt to try to help sort things out in my soon to be “adult” brain.

I landed the job with the Air Force that I blogged about in my last entry. In fact, I got the call offering me the job several hours after I had blogged about wanting to hear from them — hmmm….maybe had I blogged about it sooner it would have been offered to me sooner? I will hopefully start in July and be stationed at Scott AFB, all I’m waiting on now is my orders. I’m a civilian employee so there is no uniform, and no enlistment or anything, but I still have to be issued orders. I am extremely pumped about the job though, and I know that’s way nerdy, but it’s true. And currently, the only standing in my way is graduation — and with a mere 32 days between me and May 10th it’s hard not to just turn on auto-pilot. In fact, I probably would switch on auto-pilot if it weren’t for my Biblical Greek and Press Law classes. There is still far too much work to be done in there to just turn my brain off.

Well I’m off to sleep. Even with the 17 hours (yes, 17 hours) of sleep I got last night I’m still exhausted. Here’s to the start of a new week!

P.S. This new WordPress format kind of sucks.

It’s Been a While….

So it’s been over a month since I’ve blogged, and I am ashamed.  I’ve recently been writing the old fashioned way — in a journal — and so I’ve been neglecting ye olde WordPress.

I just got back from my final Spring Break as an undergrad on Sunday and it’s a little weird.  It was odd to leave my parents house knowing that the next time I would be coming back not as someone who lived there but as a visitor…now that’s a transition.   Spring Break, however, was fabulous regardless of the staunch realization that I’m becoming a grown up.  I got to see most of the people that I hold of real importance in my life.  Over the last few months, I’ve really come to realize who the people that truly care about me are.  And even though I don’t get to see them often I know that my Omaha friends are ones that I will love dearly forever and who will always love me back.  I wish I could just carry them around in my pocket.  Ok, so that’s a little weird, but I think you get what I mean.

Had an interview at the end of February with the Air Force for a civilian job opportunity.  I still have yet to hear anything back, but I’m keeping my hopes up.  Civilian employment with any branch of military is an who different playing field and so it could be a while and I expect that.  But it is my number one choice which puts me in a pickle because, clearly, I have to keep applying for jobs as to not get stuck without one but at the same time I don’t want to be put in the position of accepting a job without having heard back from the AF.  But, I’m keeping faith that I’ll get the job that I’m supposed to and it’ll be where I’m supposed to be and where God wants me.

Well I suppose that’s enough for now, hopefully there will be more soon.

Mommy, Wow! I’m a Big Kid Now!

I, Bekah Clark, just applied for my very first, very real, very big kid job.

Holy moly.

Flu-Like Virus

I hate how when you’re sick nothing tastes right. More than that, I hate how when you’re sick you forget that your sense of taste is totally off and so it’s time for dinner and you get a little excited because you’ve been sick for a few days and you’re tired of chicken noodle soup and you have some semblance of an appetite for something else so you make it or go out to get it and then it’s totally not as good as you really wanted and needed it to be.

So, if you haven’t guessed already I’m sick. With a flu-like virus, to be exact. Which basically means that I have flu-like symptoms but not the flu. So, how do I know I don’t have the flu? Because they gave me the flu test. Do you know what the flu test consists of? A q-tip like object that gets stuck up your nose. The q-tip thing doesn’t really sound all that bad, in fact it sounds pretty painless. I mean, it’s a q-tip, those soft little cotton tipped sticks that you put in your ears when you get out of the shower or remove make up with…pain free, right? Wrong. Ooooh no. This little q-tip is put up your nose — way up your nose, I mean we’re talking level with the middle of your eyeballs. It makes your eyes water, makes your face turns red and on top of that feels like your sticking a hot cigarette lighter up your nose — it burns. I got the test done at 330 and it barely stopped burning by 530. O.u.c.h.

Anywho, to make my flu-like virus even better, classes started today…do I have stellar timing or what? 1st day of classes and I’ve already missed 50% of them….which is only 1 out of 2 so it’s really not that bad — but still. However, it was my last first day of my undergraduate career which is certainly an occasion to be celebrated and with my flu-like virus I think I will celebrate — with my Z-pack and some Orange Juice. Tropicana, come to mama.

New Year New Title Set

So I’ve decided that the “Bekah v. _____” title set is so 2007 and it’s 2008 and thus, I have retired it.

So today I went to Yorktown Beach in Yorktown, VA and I was basically reminded that it’s still my favorite place, and I”m not sure why. I mean, it’s not a particularly hot or exotic destination, it’s just something about the beach, the people, and the surrounding town that I just love. But today was perfect. Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect place, and perfect bare feet in perfect ocean water. It all made for a very happy Bekah.