Bekah v. Week of April 15th

There was nothing unusual about the start of this week, I woke up, laid around in my bed for a while wondering whether or not I actually wanted to get out of bed–I did. I showered, I put on some khakis and a green polo shirt some sandals, grabbed my purse and my bible and I headed to my car for church.

By the end of the service I realized that I am no where near where I should be with my faith, or with my God and I began to pray that he would take my world apart as he saw fit. Little did I know how quickly or how effective that dismantling of my shell of comfort that would be.

By 930 that evening I had lost my boyfriend, due to my own decision, and while it was for the best, it still stung. A little more than 12 hours after that I nearly lost several friends in the Virginia Tech shootings. Thank God they’re all safe, sound, and alive. Tuesday my projects began to pile up, and after the last two days that I had had I was ready to break down. (It didn’t help that my little sister’s senior prom was the day before all this happened and I missed it because I live to far away.) Tuesday night was the VT vigil on campus, 2500 people came. It was probably one of most surreal experiences I’ve ever had. It’s incredible how something that far away can have such an effect on people who (most of them) had had no connection with the incident other than CNN.

Wednesday and Thursday got a little better, things began to look like they were calming down. Friday was splendid until about 2 o’clock that afternoon, I had been going over my degree program and I found a few somethings that didn’t seem right, so I called around, talked with my advisor, did some number crunching only to find that I have 5 credit hours short of being able to graduate on time. I. was. devastated. Mad was not the word. I worked so hard on getting that thing put together and now because some advisor didn’t count right, didn’t fill out the paperwork right, didn’t double check their work right, now in addition to my job and my internship I somehow have to squeeze in 5 hours worth (which will really be 6 because so few classes are worth 2 credit hours) of classes. So much for a social life. I’d been so looking forward to having a mental break this summer and after this semester I really really needed it. Back to Metro I suppose.

The world isn’t over, but for a while this week I really thought my emotional and mental sanity was.


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