Flu-Like Virus

I hate how when you’re sick nothing tastes right. More than that, I hate how when you’re sick you forget that your sense of taste is totally off and so it’s time for dinner and you get a little excited because you’ve been sick for a few days and you’re tired of chicken noodle soup and you have some semblance of an appetite for something else so you make it or go out to get it and then it’s totally not as good as you really wanted and needed it to be.

So, if you haven’t guessed already I’m sick. With a flu-like virus, to be exact. Which basically means that I have flu-like symptoms but not the flu. So, how do I know I don’t have the flu? Because they gave me the flu test. Do you know what the flu test consists of? A q-tip like object that gets stuck up your nose. The q-tip thing doesn’t really sound all that bad, in fact it sounds pretty painless. I mean, it’s a q-tip, those soft little cotton tipped sticks that you put in your ears when you get out of the shower or remove make up with…pain free, right? Wrong. Ooooh no. This little q-tip is put up your nose — way up your nose, I mean we’re talking level with the middle of your eyeballs. It makes your eyes water, makes your face turns red and on top of that feels like your sticking a hot cigarette lighter up your nose — it burns. I got the test done at 330 and it barely stopped burning by 530. O.u.c.h.

Anywho, to make my flu-like virus even better, classes started today…do I have stellar timing or what? 1st day of classes and I’ve already missed 50% of them….which is only 1 out of 2 so it’s really not that bad — but still. However, it was my last first day of my undergraduate career which is certainly an occasion to be celebrated and with my flu-like virus I think I will celebrate — with my Z-pack and some Orange Juice. Tropicana, come to mama.


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