I Hate Titling My Blogs

I do, I really do hate titling my blogs. It’s far too much pressure to be creative and quirky…and some days, much like today, I just can’t handle it.

In the mean time, I’m watching the Memphis v. Kansas game and it’s driving me insane.  45 seconds on the clock and Memphis is (now) 4 points behind….and I’m basically gonna need them to get their lead back…and now they’re 5 points behind…thank you foul shots.

My Dad invited me to participate in his yearly pool that he and his buddies have and so I took him up on the offer.  I’m currently in 2nd place and in order to beat Mr. Larry, Memphis is gonna have to win this game.  And Memphis just missed a 3 pointer with about 12 seconds on the clock, this is not looking good for me.  And Kansas just made a shot from the foul line…I’m gonna go ahead and call this one over.  Time of death: 10:49 PM.

Yeah, it’s over.  The Memphis boys, however, don’t look nearly as upset about it as I thought they would.  My boys looked absolutely devastated when we lost our Sweet 16 game….I’m still sad about that loss.  We should have won that game, alas, sometimes the cards don’t always fall in your favor.  I still love my boys.

Just checked my standings in the bracket as they are now updated and my Dad beat me…I’m in 3rd place, how does that even happen?  He’s my Dad, I suppose I’ll let him beat me…just this once though.


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