My Story

I was 4. I had on my favorite light pink jacket, I wore white tights underneath my cream colored dress with pink ruffles and white mary-janes although they were probably more off-white than white because I was 4 and had no concept of keeping my nice things nice. I had a small American flag with a yellow ribbon tied to the top of the stick it hung on, I held it in my right hand, waving it as if it was my life’s calling. I could hear the sirens from the firetrucks and as the trucks got closer the sirens got louder, and the red paint on the trucks got brighter, and my father’s face became more visible. My dad had just returned home from Desert Storm. This is the first memory I have of my father, at least the first that I can remember without the aid of pictures. And it is this memory that has shaped a large part of who I am today.

Growing up a military kid was an experience unto itself and it’s not quite explainable or understandable unless you too belong(ed) to the military kid club, it’s not something you volunteer for, it’s something your born into. And to explain it with words just doesn’t do it justice, or make much sense to those unfamiliar with it. I’ve grown up all over the world, and to quote my friend Jake, “home is where the Air Force sends you.” Moving around as much as I have, witnessing as much as I did growing up wasn’t easy, but I will say that it’s caused me to become a lot more adaptable at the age of 21 than most people are in their entire life. And I suppose that might be a little cocky, but it is what it is.

So, here I am. I’m a senior in college, I’ll graduate in May with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Relations. I have no idea what will happen come May 10th at 3 PM when I receive that rolled up piece of paper (dyed a light brownish-yellow to make it look more distinguished) that reads something along the lines of “we’ll mail your diploma when we determine that you have indeed met all the necessary graduation requirements.” I don’t know where I’ll go, what I’ll do, or what I’ll be and therein lies my current and largest challenge: what do I really want to be when I grow up?

This blog is where I think and attempt to make some sense of not only myself and where I’m going, but about the world around me and where it’s going. I probably won’t make any genius revelations, and I might, only occasionally, produce something that other people will find value in reading, but here it is, good or bad, pretty or ugly, ready or not — my story.


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