So, I’m pretty sure that if there were a “Lamest Blogger Ever” award that I would definitely get it. Hands down. It’s been nearly another month since I’ve blogged, which is pretty lame. Over my Spring Break I picked up a real-live paper journal from Borders with the gift card that my kid sister got me for Christmas and thus, I’ve been writing in that pretty regularly. It’s my miniscule attempt to try to help sort things out in my soon to be “adult” brain.

I landed the job with the Air Force that I blogged about in my last entry. In fact, I got the call offering me the job several hours after I had blogged about wanting to hear from them — hmmm….maybe had I blogged about it sooner it would have been offered to me sooner? I will hopefully start in July and be stationed at Scott AFB, all I’m waiting on now is my orders. I’m a civilian employee so there is no uniform, and no enlistment or anything, but I still have to be issued orders. I am extremely pumped about the job though, and I know that’s way nerdy, but it’s true. And currently, the only standing in my way is graduation — and with a mere 32 days between me and May 10th it’s hard not to just turn on auto-pilot. In fact, I probably would switch on auto-pilot if it weren’t for my Biblical Greek and Press Law classes. There is still far too much work to be done in there to just turn my brain off.

Well I’m off to sleep. Even with the 17 hours (yes, 17 hours) of sleep I got last night I’m still exhausted. Here’s to the start of a new week!

P.S. This new WordPress format kind of sucks.